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We have experience in Complex Fluid Dynamics (CFD), providing services of complex fluid simulations. Using advanced CFD software such as OpenFOAM and our own developed codes, we can analyze with the most accuracy and efficiency. We can help you in every phase of CFD simulation, from geometry pre-processing and mesh generation to results post-processing and technical report generation.

Some examples of CFD cases we have worked on include:

  • 2D and 3D External Aerodynamics
  • Fluid-Structure Interactions
  • Internal Flows
  • Heat Transfer
  • Parametric Optimization & Adjoint Method
  • Vortex Lattice Methods & Aeroelasticity

We know how important it is to correctly set up a fluid simulation which is why we pay close attention to every step of the simulation setup including:

  • Generating a structured mesh taking into account the y+ number
  • Defining the boundary constraints (flow turbulence, wind profile …)
  • Choosing the correct turbulence model (k-OmegaSST, k-epsilon, Spalart–Allmaras, LES …)
  • Making sure that the time step and time schemes are set according to the specific simulation (transient/steady, residuals monitoring, explicit/implicit time schemes, courant number …)
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