Make it Efficient Renewable Flow

We have expertise in the wind energy sector focusing in wind tower loads, wind tower design, wind resource and yield assessment. 

We provide services to review and help you optimize your tower designs for your specific requirements and deliver cost-effective wind power.

  • Design of wind tower components.
  • Structural analysis and simulation of wind towers.
  • Markov matrices loads preprocessing and generation.
  • Wind turbine and plant simulation (OpenFAST, WISDEM, QBlade).
  • Wind resource and energy yield (OpenWind, pyWake).


Some examples of structural related analysis include:

  • Static structural analysis of extreme loads of the whole wind tower assembly.
  • Modal analysis, dynamic response and frequency study of the wind tower.
  • Fatigue damage calculations of welded components using nominal, multiaxial and hotspot methods (shell welds, door-frames, platforms …).
  • Buckling analysis (LBA-MNA).
  • Structural optimization.
  • Vortex induced vibrations analysis.

We have experience and in-depth knowledge of the wind tower design related standards like the EN 1993-1, IEC 61400, DNV-ST-0437 or the IIW guides.

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