Do These Colored Stripes Look Familiar?

Do these colored stripes look familiar?

You have probably come across them on some occasion, whether on social networks, in the media, at events, etc. In recent years, the way climate change is represented and the need to alarm the population has generated creativity of all kinds, and no wonder.

The stripes that you can see in this publication visually symbolize the change in temperature in the last 100 years; each band represents the average temperature of that region over a year.

In addition, if you click on it you can see a video made by NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which represents exactly the same thing but in motion.

We have seen this representation in color code, in text, in image, in video, in musical format or even in Morse code (it is even represented in Vulkano’s logo), but the message is always the same: global warming is a reality.

If you want to see the temperature change in your city, region or country, we recommend you visit the website

Can you tell us which country/region these colored stripes belong to?
Do you think global warming is a reality or alarmism?

We’d love to read your thoughts on global warming in our comments.

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